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  PLEASE NOTE: Development of this program has been discontinued!

Frequently asked Questions: Speakonia

How do I register the program?

Please use the following key:
Name:Unlimited License
Registration Code:SPK-174101-172083

When I open Speakonia I get the message 'Access violation at address 0047034D (or some other number) in module 'Speakonia.exe'. Read of address 00000000.'. Why is this happening and what can I do?

This error only appears on some computers and is due to a bug in our software. Unfortunately Speakonia isn't updated anymore which means you probably won't be able to use Speakonia on that computer with that specific software setting (some other text to speech programs may cause this too).

I get the error message 'List index out of bounds (0)' which leads to an access violation error message. What can I do?

The error is generated because Speakonia is unable to find any text to speech engines (which are required for Speakonia to work). This may happen because no text to speech engines were installed. Please try installing a text to speech engine.

Is it possible with Speakonia to open TIF-files (scanned documents) and if so how?

Sorry, that's not possible. You will need to use text recognition software to convert your TIF-file to a standard ASCII text file (*.txt).

Is there an option to save speech output as mp3 file?

Short answer: No. Long(er) answer: There are patents on the MP3 algorithms (owned by Fraunhofer and Thomson). This means licensing fees need to be paid when using the algorithm. This is free software and absolutely no money is earned from it. Therefore we do not offer MP3 support.

My registration key does not work. Why?

All generated registration keys should work. Make sure to copy the name and key exactly as in the confirmation e-mail and make sure no spaces or other whitespace is included. Also note that the text 'reg:' is not part of the registration code! If this does not work try registering through the program interface directly in Speakonia.

I would like to use Speakonia for reading in a language different from English. Where can I download additional language modules?

Language Modules from Microsoft ®
  British English

Where can I download the Microsoft Sam voice?

  Microsoft Voices Mary, Sam and Mike (7.5mb)

Is it possible to register Speakonia by e-mail as I don't have an internet connection?

No. Either you can register through the Speakonia program interface or through our webpage.

I'm the developer for the software XYZ. Could you assist me in integrating Speakonia in my program? Are there any command line codes?

Unfortunately: no and no. Speakonia does not support command line switches or codes and there will be no further updates of Speakonia. We also do not offer support for Speakonia anymore. Try using other excellent software that's around.

Is there a way to get Speakonia to repeat over and over the same thing I have in writing?

Not directly in Speakonia. However you could export the text to a wave file and play it in any audio program supporting wave files and endless loops.

I have found an error in the pronunciation of the text XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Can you fix it?

No we cannot. Spekonia itself does not read texts. It merely creates an interface to a text to speech engine. The pronunciation error therefore is made by the text to speech engine. Try using a different text to speech engine.

What's the license type for Speakonia?

Speakonia is Freeware. Use it for private, educational or commercial purposes. Please adhere to the licensing terms of the text to speech engine you are using.

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